Black Zaporozhets

Chorniy Zap fon 

Black Zaporozhets: Gift to Zaporizhzhia x RK47 (Russian Concord x Vostorg), 254-12 - a medium-ripening grape form. Achievement in the conditions of the Kyiv region occurs on September 15-20. The flower is bisexual. There are no pea berries. Pollination is very good.

The berries are large, round or oval, black, with a thick pruin coating, weighing 8-10 grams. The flesh is dense, crispy. The taste of berries is harmonious. Sugar content 19-20%. Bunch weighing 800 - 1200 grams. Individual bunches up to 1.5 kg. The bunches are loose.

The growth strength of the grape variety is very high, the fertility is 2 bunches per shoot. Yield is high. The vine ripens early. Resistance to diseases is increased, at the level of 2.5 - 3.0 points on the susceptibility scale. With three treatments, there are no signs of disease until autumn itself.

Frost resistance up to -28 degrees Celsius. When cuttings were frozen in a freezer (24 hours) at a temperature of -28 degrees, the preservation of cells was xx%. The form of the Black Zaporozhets grape is well preserved for 1-2 months.

Grapes are not covered for the winter from birth. The uniform is being tested in the Kyiv region of Ukraine.

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