Castle mountain

ZG fon

Castle mountain: Gift to Zaporozhye x Winter-hardy black Kishmish, (10-11) - a hybrid form of early-middle ripening grapes. Ripening begins on August 20-25. Full ripening in the conditions of the Kiev region occurs on September 10-15. The flower is bisexual. There is practically no peeling of berries.

The bunches are large, medium dense. Bunch weighing 0.8 - 1.5 kg. The berries are large, oval or ovoid, white or white-yellow, weighing 10-12 grams. The pulp is very firm and crispy. The taste of berries is harmonious. Sugar is high, up to 20-22%. Berries keep well on the bush without damage.

The growth force of the hybrid form of grapes is very high, the fruitfulness is 1-2 clusters per shoot. Long pruning is required, the first buds are poorly fruitful. Early ripening of the vine. Disease resistance is increased, at the level of 2.5 - 3.0 points. Three treatments for diseases and pests are enough.

Frost resistance approx. -28 gr.s. When freezing cuttings in the freezer (24 hours) at a maximum temperature of 28 ° C, the preservation of the buds was 50-55%.

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